Feng Shui Design Process


Julian Diaz –
I was a bit reluctant to go the Feng Shui way, mostly because I knew very little about it. But the references were impressive and Ms. DeBolle seemed to know what she was talking about. She really explained what she could do make our office space more attractive and conductive to creativity. It took only about two weeks and we began to see the difference, not only the space is inviting, relations among co workers seem to have improved. I am now considering doing a redesign of my own house. We will definitely use Claudine DeBolle again.

Lisa Green
Lumia is probably the best interior designer in Florida. Her work is superb using Feng Shui principles she creates beautiful ambiances combining colors and nature’s elements. Strongly recommended

Sandra Martinez
The makeover of the Thai restaurant depicted in your website is really impressive. Day and night. Welcome to Miami.You should offer your services to the shops in Mid Town, some of them could use some Feng Shui in their shops!

Crystal Bennett
Ms. De Bolle’s Feng Shui coaching style is very unique. A very pleasant experience. Highly recommended professional

Thomas Deweese
I had read that Donald Trump uses Feng Shui consultants for all his buildings, seeing Lumia’s work on the DIY Network made me understand why. Her designs are really beautiful.

Keith Schrum
I would like to tell everyone just how wonderful Claudine really is. I was stuck in a mess, a BIG mess. I won’t go into details but I really believe people come into your life for a reason. I am in the process of pulling my world together now.

Lee Perryman
I have watched the videos on you tube that Mme De Bolle has. I am considering changig course with my life, and Feng Shui seems to be the right path. When ready I will contact you. Thks.

Vicki Brown
Saw the photo gallery on the website, this is one classy operation. Beautiful designs very tastefully presented, Will certainly used them in the future.

A Google User
I want to praise Claudine for her gracious, soothing and professional expertise. I am thrilled to be working with her and am so excited to see the final look! I already feel a sense of calmness and renewal. I highly recommend her for anyone interested in decorating or rejuvenating not only your space, but your life.

A Google User
Finally I found someone so professional and personal. Claudine listens and delivers. Her international experience is an eye-opener. She can convert a thorn into a flower – millions thanks! I would recommend Claudine’s services on the personal (residential) and on the business (commercial) leve to anyone who looks minor or major changes.


A Google User
I want to thank Claudine from the bottom of my heart
Feng Shui changed my live ; there is a new positive energy in my home and …..in my heart!!!
I just feel happier …
Thank you for all you have done for me!


A Google User
The greatest designs I have seen in a long time. My apartment is due for a makeover, You are my first choice.


A Google User
Judging from the photographs on your website, your sense of color is truly breathtaking. You should consider dictating seminars about Feng Shui.


aellis_2 (From Local.com)
Great Designs
Lumia Feng Shui has shown to the public the many aspects of Feng Shui applied to residential and commercial interior design. Whether applied to furniture design and positioning, rooms, or office space, creating a little space of intense peace is critical for one’s well being in this fast paced lifestyle we lead.


Esther Steinberg
A very sophisticated interior designer, have seen her commercial work, and I endorse the quality of her work.

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