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Some Key Dates

2008 Creation of consultancy in Feng Shui and Design Coaching in the United States

2007 Diploma of Deco Coaching in Paris

2004-2005 Training courses in communication: assertive communication, "process communication", master of management of American Tabi Kalher and energy training courses given by American Stalemate Moffitt Cook and Canadian Woodstad, disciple of Marilyse Labonté

2003 Guest of TV Brussel on a series documenting the tansformation of a Belgian business etablishment using Feng Shui

2002 In parallel with the activities of various interior installations, foundation of LUMIA, Feng Shui consultat services and continued teaching of Feng Shui in France and Belgium.

2001 Formation and training courses on Feng Shui. Diploma of the School of the Shape (BTB School off FS) of Grand Master Flax Yun. Guest in the television program "Beside Your Hourse" on French TV channel TF1.

1987 Beginning of the activities of interior installations, studios, apartments, lofts and houses

1982 Aggregate of Lower Secondary education in Germanic Languages. Trade exerted during 25 years in the teaching of social advancement for adults.

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